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Originally Posted by danedg View Post

My 95 R100M has great response and torque thoughout the range with the 40mm Bings....lousy mileage!

My bad...they are 32mm Bings!
It's the smaller intake and exhaust giving you the torque. Try going one size smaller on the needle jets and get very accurate about tuning your idle settings and then watch your head temperatures. if they stay reasonable you should see an improvement in the mileage. But mileage drops off quickly over 65mph, and even more so on an open bike.

IR thermometers are getting pretty cheap these days and $30 will get you a decent one. It won't have lenses that let you shoot a small spot from any distance but you can still get a reading on your heads from the saddle while riding. Look for a "hold" button as a nice feature.
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