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Looking at the stats I'm just guessing it will be a great bike for guys that ride hard with their buddies and whose wives want to come along and join for say a few hours of an all day ride.
From the circles I hang with, I think that would be a huge market! I also think its a good market to push as if I'm being honest, sometimes my bike can get in the way of family but when we ride together it's one of the best family fun /bonding times out there.
Right now my wife only feels comfortable on the KLX150 (think street legal KLX140) or Honda CRF 230. This looks to be about the same size but significantly lighter and more/better power and components.

I've only ridden a trials bike once and it was a hoot. I'm sure I'd be able to climb things I couldn't do with my 690 and it'd be a fun new style of riding. Doesn't look like its made for a big person to play on a MX track with though .

I'm hoping 350cc and 24 hp means 5,000 mile oil changes, and still running fine when my grandkids find it in a barn in the year 2047!

When it comes to how many hp you can get from a certain cc size I think it would be interesting if consumers like us could see the difference in performance vs reliability. What would be really cool would be if we could chose which reliability level vs hp level we wanted.
For instance going back 15 years you could compare Honda's own CR250 vs CRM250 - both 250cc 2 strokes. CR had about 42 hp at the rear and the CRM about 30ish. I'm just guestimating at these #'s but typically I hear of guys doing new top ends on CR's every 2,000 km and CRM's every 40,000 km or 20X longer. I've heard of guys getting the CR up to 54 hp at the wheel but then needing a rebuild after every single race.
Anyways my crazy idea (Highland almost did something like this) would be to offer an engine in various states of tune with a good honest estimate of the lifespan of the vehicle and then let the customer choose which he wanted.

If you were buying a 250cc 2 stroke engine and had the option of A.) 54 rwhp - 15 miles, B.) 42 rwhp - 1,500 miles or C.) 29 rwhp 25,000 miles that'd be awesome for buyer awareness and having a better guess at what you were getting or getting into.

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