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Originally Posted by windquest View Post

I'm taking a guess in saying it will probably be about 300lbs, looks like a lower seat height compared to the KLX250S and the WR250R. Should be a nice compliment to this class of bikes.

Another ho-hum bike designed by someone who doesn't ride.

A perimeter frame is a dumb idea on an ADV/DS bike. It makes the bike harder to work on and wider with a bigger tank.

That thin seat will be miserable after a few hours.

It will be harder than necessary to put a fender bag on that goofy looking front fender.

The headlight is too low for night time riding. Your spare tube/ fender bag will be in the way.

From the looks of the rear end, it will be a challenge to get a rack and luggage on it.

Just another bike designed by marketing surveys........probably be a nice bike for what it is though.

You would think that at least ONE of the mfgrs would have someone who riders ADV/DS and could offer some input.
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