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Originally Posted by rufus View Post
Another ho-hum bike designed by someone who doesn't ride.

A perimeter frame is a dumb idea on an ADV/DS bike. It makes the bike harder to work on and wider with a bigger tank.

That thin seat will be miserable after a few hours.

It will be harder than necessary to put a fender bag on that goofy looking front fender.

The headlight is too low for night time riding. Your spare tube/ fender bag will be in the way.

From the looks of the rear end, it will be a challenge to get a rack and luggage on it.

Just another bike designed by marketing surveys........probably be a nice bike for what it is though.

You would think that at least ONE of the mfgrs would have someone who riders ADV/DS and could offer some input.
i agree on may of your points, but it's a day riding bike to Honda.

i wonder if a perimeter frame enables a FI tank (w/ fuel pump sitting at the low point) to be more easily designed? if you have a backbone frame then the fuel pump must side on one side or the other, but i'm not sure if this is an issue? i'm sure IMS will make a bigger tank either way as there is room to expand of the sides of that bike.

i think for the japanese, the perimiter frame look is expected as that's what the MX/dirtbikes have. the wr250r seems to do well with it's partial alum. one and IMS is getting almost 5G tank on it.

as for the seat agreed. why use a dirtbike seat. my guess is Honda wants it to look more like a dirtbike then a functional long-range DS. i'm sure seat concepts, corbin and maybe sargent will do something.

i looked at that rear and though where can a side rack be mounted? look at the new crosstour and you'll see another bike that doesn't offer much for the side rack mfg to work with? seems Honda likes slick & clean lines over functionality.

what's this all mean, Honda is not putting the aftermarket outta biz with this bike.
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