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Well, after a long down time and missing the first few races because I was out riding in Colorado, I'm back at it.

My first race was October 23rd in Bostwick, FL. This was my first race in the Super Senior C class on the longer, tougher Sunday course.

My practice lap went terribly. The course was very difficult with endless roots, mud holes, and tight trees with roots and mud holes. I was actually considering not racing. I had not ridden the 250 since the last race of last season, and I felt like it was my first time on a dirt bike. It didn't help that the first thing I saw when entering the woods was a rider down, obviously very seriously injured, being helped\held down with what turned out to be a broken femur. Seeing and hearing the pain and trauma really shook me up and affected my riding for the rest of the practice lap.

I was persuaded to race by my friends who said I would be ok and get the feel after a while. I'm glad I took their advice because I really did feel much better when the race started. It was still very challenging getting through those foot-high roots and knee-deep mud ruts but I was doing ok.

Unfortunately I had yet another bike issue that caused me to have to quit early. In the off season I installed a Scotts stabilizer and like an idiot I forgot to use Loctite on the mount. Halfway in to the second lap I started feeling a little play in the bars. It soon turned in to a lot of play and I realized the bolts were backing out. In danger of having the bars come off completely, I finished the second lap carefully and called it a day.

I was at least glad to have gotten a couple of laps in and done my first Sunday race.

Only one pic from Bostwick.


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