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Originally Posted by osbo View Post
Like alot of you guys, I am a X Honda rider. If KTM can make their EXC s street legal why can't Honda?
A CRF450X street legal would sale, wouldn't it? Also how about a big dual sport based on that TRX700 ATV engine?
I guess I am just dreaming. If you take the time, you can find Honda has been making these bikes over seas and never brought them to us. I had a XR650R Honda photo, from their factory website, full DOT equipment and an electric starter I forgot what country it was sold in.
Sorry guys, just rambling...

I asked this same question to Bruce Olgilvie before he died. He said that if Honda made a Dual Sport bike it would be so neutered, nobody would buy it. ( think DRZ) It is the corporate way with the japs. It is unfathomable for them to make a bike that just gets by the DOT regs, (ala KTM) He also said they do not think enough would sell. He said that Honda would not be satisfied with the KTM sales figures.
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