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Originally Posted by John Ashman View Post
I also have to wonder if everyone here thinks that every bike has to have giant saddle bags, fat saddle and a single sided swingarm. Sometimes a DP bike is just a DP bike, not a long distance tourer for old guys.

Why does every thread have to turn EVERY bike into a full-bore ADV machine?

Can a 17hp motor tote all the shit you need?

"Well I want lightweight"

"the sub-frame will be weak and make panners a PITA to mount"

"I want simplicity"

"Well I'd like to be able to go faster than the mailman..."

"I want 900hp"

"It'll get piss poor range"

"I want it cheap"

"Great, another fat bloated air cooled idea of what Honda THINKS we want"

PS, I'm SO fkn glad I had enough sense the RESEARCH my bike what I wanted in a bike before I ever bought it... Now I don't have a dog in a damn one of these fights.
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