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Thread: 2012 Fuel injected CRF250L?!!?

So... you're saying Honda needs to think older-tech?

What's so bad about a better, stronger, faster motor? And what's wrong with liquid cooled?
Ride 75 miles to your spot, have a major boil-over or punch a hole in the radiator ONCE and you'll understand. F.W.I.W. They can make good power from a simple A/O cooled engine when they put their minds to it.
I've even managed to punch a hole in a 91 DR650 oil cooler but, was able to bypass it. (you can't bypass a water filled radiator to make it back home)

My bike, according to the FSM weighs 283lbs... And it being the US version, has 26hp... With higher lift cams and a richer jet, it'll do 29.
Sounds good enough stock for off roading as long as it can loft the front wheel over obstacles.

Ok, so I don't have a long travel susp, but my bike will do what a 17hp 230 will do, and not have to be trailered there and back to do it. will an 08 XT250
It's fun being able to do over the speed limit...
Ok, I'm talking road bike here but, my litte TU250X can cruise all day @ 70 mph. and sometimes sees 80 (actual, not speedo) (so could the old air cooled 08 XT250 I had)

Thread: Same'ol same'ol poo poo talk
I definitely agree with your last comment.

Unfortunately (for me) Suzuki built my perfect idea of a D.S. Bike (minus a large enough tank from the factory) With the DRZ250 but, it never became an "S" model here in the States so, I couldn't buy one and have it titled for legal road use here in Pa. (Wow, I might have had to add slightly stiffer springs and a larger tank = that really would have broken the bank)

I'm curious. Just how much $ would you guys pay for the perfect D.S. Bike?
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