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Originally Posted by windquest View Post
So when you run out of the little tube-o-lube the mousse comes with, what do you use? Is the a generic silicon lube you can purchase?
That small tube included, is meant for one tire only. And it costs a fortune when bying later. Buy it in those big boxes as you need plenty of it. There are alternatives too. I've been running the mousse's since they we're available to public, and some years ago I came over some silicon based lube they use when mounting plastic fittings in water pipe installations. When I change tyre and have used this type of lube, it tends to have more left on the mousse itself compared to the stock Mich lube. A couple of other guys I know they use this type of lube the electricians are using when pulling cables through those 'tubes'.

Here's another trick: when the mousse is getting older, it shrinks as Ned says. Then sometimes it's more challenging to get the bead on the tire to rest against the rim. Then you can either hit the road, warm the tire and 'hope' it pops in place. Sometimes it does, but sometimes not. Instead you can install a valve in your rim of this car-type whatever, so you can just inflate the tire / help with some pressure. Just remove the small needle inside the valve and also drill the bottom base to a bigger ID so you can let more air through as a 'shock'.

Second trick: I've never used rimlocks in combination with mousse. But you should not compare my type of riding / terrain with yours. Up here is more gnarly / muddy conditions. Anyway, when mounting the tire, use brake fluid on the bead (be careful not applying where it shouldn't go). Work fast and the bead will 'glue' to the rim. I don't need to do this for my type of riding, but I have tried it sometimes, and boy, that bead was really glued to that rim.
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