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Day 2: Saline Valley

Got a bit of a late start. You know how it is; herding cats and all. Ten f'ing o'clock!

Made our way out to Saline Valley. We went through the canyon leading down and experienced our first water crossing, which you'll see in video form shortly. Oh here it is now

We decided to take a break.

FYYFF and RobG (thanks for the firewood, Rob)

Rich and his refreshment

Herrhelmet and Dunerat. We pass Dunerat earlier and he's having a cold one and smoke. He says "don't worry, I'll catch up with you guys..." He sure did. Rides like a bat out of hell.

Another fine vista of Saline Valley

Plenty of breaks to rest

Let's see... I know my fender came off somewhere around here... Wait a sec... what are all those naken men doing in the middle of the desert?

Had to stop at the hot springs.

Wallywhirled and I were the only ones to drop trou' and hop in the pools. Trust me, you don't want any pictures of that nightmare.

"Okay, Eric, point to the place on the doll where the naked man touched you..." I still didn't feel so good at this moment about the whole thing.

Ers found Tex's license plate right about here. BT dubs, there was a hell of a lot of sand in that place. Not so much big bike friendly.

Some roadside repair on my bike as well as others'

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