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Originally Posted by Sub Zero View Post
you just stated one of the reasons i sold my NX250. that and after 60mph the bike had no balls, and personally i thought it was a terrible bike to be using in this day and age for what i needed it for. I wanted something that was fast, had lots of suspension, and had tons of cheap replacement parts avail. so i bought an XR650. Though i will give credit that the NX gave me 21,000 trouble free miles as far as reliability.

My cam comes on at 5,500-6000... So maybe it was something else? That or the TWO FIFTY part...

More to the point, my discussion is not that of the bike, but of the motor... I'd have no qualms about a CRF230 if it had 10-13 more hrsepower

Or a 29hp CRF250r with 3,000 mile oil changes and 26,000 mile valves...

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In moto verte magazine april 2000, from HGA Japan :

"the 400 Cm3 Honda cross bike exists", in fact it's a 250 NX motor bored to 360 Cm3 in a 1998' 250 CR frame with a classic fork and they called it NXR. The carburator is a Keihin 39 and the rear shock is like a KTM PDS :

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