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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
Well, I don't have to worry about losing the jumper . I don't know where the damn thing is.
Oh come on sog, lift open the lid and look.

Johnjen said "If you lose the jumper there are 3 options
Run the bike in 'limp home mode' until you get another jumper.
Bend one of the outside jumpers (I'd do the 0 offset jumper myself) into the center jumper so that they touch. (which is functionally the same as the next option) Then push it out of the way when you get another jumper.
Unplug the IICE Air and run the stock air temp sensor until you get another jumper."

I like option 4, bring a spare jumper.

I have put about 250 miles on the ICEE Air over the last few days. Ambient temps ranging from 22-65 degrees Fahrenheit. I've been messing around with the jumper and realized that the little booger could get lost when removing and replacing it. I'm putting together a subjective, seat of the pants, no dyno, no variable control, and no scientific method used review and will post it tomorrow after work. I can hardly wait!

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