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Hi Jenn! I loved your recent RR also (hint to others: see Jenn's sig).

No, didn't suffer any ill effects from the smoke, other than the annoyance of the big dent it put in my carefully planned route. But I really pity all the people who live around there.

I didn't get into the City of N.O. It would have been fun but with nobody to share it with and feeling some time pressure, I decided to press on. Was great though to spend some time with my buddy on the other side of the Ponchartrain bridge.

I was very lucky with the weather, it was kind to me. That made it easy to munch miles. Houston was really hot but that was the worst of it. Many areas were quite windy but that was never a safety problem for me, the big annoyance was just terrible gas mileage when fighting it.

Thanks for the comments!

Originally Posted by Jenn View Post
Great trip report, Rod!

That smoke in AZ looked horrible! I know how bad it was riding through distant forest fire smoke in Idaho for several hours - did you lose your voice after breathing in all that smoke?

Love the pictures of that suspension bridge!

Awesome surprise parade - like my surprise rodeo!

Did you completely miss on New Orleans?

I love your little summary - 362 miles/day for 16 days is pretty intense!

I did 4000 miles in 25 days and I don't think I would have covered that much if I hadn't spent a couple nights here and there - just having to get on the bike and cover that much every day would have killed me. I encountered some really awful wind in some stretches - and nearly got hypothermia going into Yellowstone - it's amazing how much that drained me (I slept a lot in my two nights in Yellowstone!)

Was wind an issue? Heat? Cold?
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