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What to do if you lose the jumper...

If you happen to lose the jumper, and don't know what to do, any of these things below will work as a temporary solution. I'm thinking it would be best to start at the top.

1. BE PROACTIVE! Get some jumpers from your IT Department at work, and keep them on the bike. NOTE: The jumper that comes with the IICE Air has a little tab on it to make it easier to hold. The jumper you get from IT or Radio Shack will probably not have the tab, it will work fine.

2. Just ride the bike home without the jumper. Or ride to Radio Shack or a computer store and get some jumpers.

3. Reconnect the Intake Air Temperature sensor.

4. Just leave the IICE Air adjusted to the -20 setting. It works great at the -20 setting. It leaves here set to -20. And really, the primary reason for the adjustment in the first place was so that it will work with the upcoming IICE Cool. The IICE Air needs to be set to -10 to work with the future IICE Cool product.

5. Tie a short piece of fishing line or unwaxed dental floss unwaxed to the jumper as a sort of leash. Did I mention to use unwaxed dental floss? Do not use waxed dental floss, the wax will contaminate the pins. If you try the leash method, be sure the leash isn't trapped under the cap seal when you snap the lid closed.

6. Someone shared the idea to make a temporary jumper out of tin foil. It might be tricky to get the foil in there and only contact 2 pins, but it would work, and there's no reason not to try. But really, for the best solution try to stay near the top of the list.


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