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Originally Posted by skierd View Post
With the WR250R sitting at $6590, $7500 for the KTM that should, in theory, have a better suspension and more importantly 80 less pounds to haul around, would absolutely be worth the extra coinage if the reliability and other stuff were similar.
This is something I am going to check. Service intervals, engine durability and things. Well, I actually do not expect it to reach the WR250R level (valve clearance control 40000km ), but I hope it will be a low maintenance bike.

But there is one more point which is very important in my opinion. The WR250R engine characteristics is more or less high rev operation. Though it can be ridden at lower revs at enduro tracks, this does not compare to for instance a Tricker 250, which has got way better ridability at low rev level, running both softer and stronger, making it easier to play at very slow and difficult passages or climbing difficult stuff. In other words, the WR has got some MX style engine more or less, also well suited for onroad riding, but not optimized for slow trail riding, climbing, playing. I am sure, KTM put some effort in optimizing the 350 engine for the Freeride intended use.

Due to the fact that I need to sell at least one of my Yamahas to be able to purchase a Freeride, it will take some time to do so. Maybe I will skip the first edition and get hold of a 2013 model and check user reviews before that.
However, the Freeride matches _exactly_ what I have been searching for for several years. Neither the Scorpa T-Ride (with its old carburated YZ250 engine) nor my Tricker that I had been riding for three years could come close.

To me, pricing of the Freeride appears to be absolutely ok for what you get. For those who do not like to spend that much money for that much technology and riding fun, there are different bikes available with higher weight, old engines, weak suspension, old style looks, whatever. But I am not aware of any bike at the market immediately comparing to the new Freeride while being streetlegal and durable. Lets see.
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