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Originally Posted by shipwrek12001 View Post
Hey Ted....sounds epic....

I'd like to hear about the day you went to your wife and discussed you going to the "DAKAR" ....
"what" you want to go "where".... wtf is DAKAR.... come on, just a little.... I'd like to hear some of the makings of "Deadly99 going to DAKAR........ "
Excerpt from Chapter One - Unbelievable

Fast forward back to that day in August and that post on the internet. Holy crap this is my chance! The money and time off work don’t really make it a serious thought though. My wife came home from work and looked exhausted, not good. I give her an hour to unwind from the day and inform her I need to have a serious chat. I think she can see that something big is going on and is imagining I am about to give her some bad news as I have an intense look on my face. I start off with this well rehearsed line that I have been working on all day. “I have a very unique situation that can provide me with the experience of a lifetime”. I can tell she is relieved that I am not about to inform her that someone close has died, or that I want a divorce, or I got fired from my job. The look in her eyes slowly reflects this then begins to turn to a “oh crap he wants something big”. I give her the low down and the price tag associated with this endeavour. She asks for some time to think about it and comes back an hour later and says go for it with the condition that if Oprah ever calls her up to be her personnel assistant that she gets a blank cheque. Holy crap, absolutely unbelievable I scream. You see my wife has watched my obsession over the years and has patiently listened to me rambling on and on about the Dakar. She has watched me obsess about my KTM950 and my “heading out to play Dakar” as she calls my bike trips. She gets me and understands what something like this means to someone like me. I am blessed as not everyone has a wife who really understands what makes them tick. This book is dedicated to Johanne, for all her love and understanding as without her I would have been stuck behind a computer like every year following the race on the internet.
I quickly made the call to Charlie Rauseo and left a voice mail saying that if the spot in the truck was still available I would like to take it. A few hours passed by where I was pacing around the house before I called back again and Charlie answered the phone. He came across as a nice guy and gave me a bunch of the associated details like cost, expectations and whatnot. The excitement level was rising until he informed me that one of the racers has a sponsor who may take the seat and that for obvious reasons he gets first dibs. Oh no, the dream is slipping threw my hands. Charlie says that he has given this fellow until the next day to confirm or back out and would get in touch with me soon. I won’t go into details but I didn’t get much sleep that night and for the first time in my life suffered from anxiety. The next day at work was a blur and seemed like it took a week to finish. Racing in the door and checking my voice mail I received the good news that the seat was mine. I am going to the Dakar!!!
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