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Originally Posted by Raven Rider View Post

I have a 2011 GSA which product do I need to order or should I wait for the next?
Originally Posted by Raven Rider View Post

All the information I needed was in your response. Wallowa you are right I am a trusting soul and I make my own decisions and that decision is I do not need this product. Thanks
In the event you'd rather not trust Wallowa , here is another reply. First, I suppose a person doesn't need anything for their bike. So it boils down to want.

To that end, if you want better and crisper acceleration, get an IICE Air. If you want more response when you crack the throttle (aka: transient throttle or tip-in) get an IICE Cool. Something to understand is that acceleration response and transient throttle response are two entirely different things.

Marketing will tell you YES! get an IICE Air. Because the final sale is going on now.


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