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Bhutan and Nepal

When my friend Colin rang me up and asked if I was interested in going for a ride in Bhutan, my first response was "where the f#*k is Bhutan."
It turns out that Bhutan is a small country to the North East of India on the Southern side of the Himalayas, just to the East of Nepal.
I had never even considered going anywhere like that before, but after a bit of thought I decided why not.
Colin had heard about this trip through a guy he knows, Garry, who knows a bloke called Steve, who is organising it all. So all i had to do was put my name on the email list and pay some money. Steve did the rest.
The Bhutan ride consisted of a week riding KTM640's and then it was decided to do a few days in Nepal on Enfields as well.
Steve, and Chris from organised the whole thing so all we had to do was find our way to Delhi.
There ended up being 6 of us on the ride. Steve, Garry, Revel, and Peter arrived in Delhi the previous day and took a hotel for the night. Colin and I arrived shortly after midnight, and we had an early flight out that morning, so our accommodation was under the escalator in the airport.

After a bit of sleep we met the others and boarded a plane to Gawahati, where we would be picked up and driven for a couple of hours to the Bhutan border.
It was in the Gawahati airport carpark where my education would begin. That is my education of driving with one hand on the horn and completely disregarding anything that might resemble a road rule.
After a while on the road we stopped for some lunch and it was here that I began to figure out that this trip would be as much about drinking beer as it was about riding motorcycles. No problem, I enjoy both.
It was also here that we learnt that they like to drink their beer hot in this part of the world.

A bit further down the road one of the vehicles had a flat tyre. There was no shortage of helpers to change it.

Near the border, there was a little hut on the side of the road where we had stop and do some immigration paperwork.

Then it was off to the border. A bit more paperwork and we were in Bhutan.

We were now in a town called Samdrup Jongkar. This is where we would stay the night and begin the ride tomorrow.
We met the rest of the Himalayan Adventure crew, which consisted of
Karma - the road captain/mechanic who would ride with us
Nima – the cultural guide and general organiser and fixer.
Beatle juice – the driver of the backup vehicle carrying all our gear and spares etc.
We checked into the hotel and had some more beers, chose our steeds for the next week, relaxed, had a bit of a look around and had some more beers.
At tea Karma was trying to explain the local road rules for us but we were all fairly happy by then and I don’t think any of us were taking much notice. After tea we went for a walk and met some of the locals and were duly impressed with the way they dress up their trucks.

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