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Originally Posted by ghostrider1964 View Post
Yesterday I took my bike on a leisurely ride on my GSA out in the boondocks. Mosy of the time I ride at the high end of my power band. Yesterday, however I rode at a much more casual pace. And it gave me a chance to see how the ICE II really showed the improved response in the lower acceleration modes. At lower RPM, the bike lugged on much better with no ping. At 2K the bike pulls much better and was more fun just tooling along dirt roads than before. Temp ranges were 60s and 70s. I ran in the 10 degree and 20 degree range. The 20 degree seems to be the best so far.
I hear that your GSA has the Remus full system as does mine.
Any issues with running rich & smelling like a gas station?
Have ordered today the ICE II gizmo and hope that might improve things ....

What say you?

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