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Originally Posted by shrineclown View Post
I have to wonder if China is subsidizing the series to come. I was kind of shocked by that news too.....
The IndyCar press release says "full support" by various agencies. That could well be code for subsidizing travel costs, in addition to promoting the race.

"We are very excited and truly grateful for the full support of the Chinese Government, Qingdao City Government and related Government Bureaus in providing the opportunity to bring the IZOD IndyCar Series to China. We are committed to doing our part in making this a fantastic race event weekend to be seen on the world stage."
It's typical of China and its enormous population that they have a city of 8 million people that many (most?) of us have never heard of. Qingdao? Same thing happened in the Olympics, I'm scrambling with the map to locate these cities with huge populations.

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