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For a second there, I thought I was on a different thread called "Stupid videos I watched on Notmybikemodelname's thread".

How about a story about another stupid thing I did in my youth:

When I was about 17 years old, I was visiting an acquaintance at his house. It turns out another acquaintance was there who had just bought a 2 stroke dirt bike (I think it was a late 70's YZ400 or something). He was driving a car at the time, and couldn't figure out how we would get the dirt bike back to his home in the next town. I said it would be easy, as I had been riding small dirt bikes around town for most of my teenage years with no problems, other than a few short chases.

It was about 2 miles just to the edge of town, then about 3 more miles to the next town. Piece of cake right? Well, I didn't realize it had gotten dark outside, and the "new" bike had no lights. As a side note: I used to wear my perscription sunglasses at all times day or night to avoid carrying my other pair. So off I go...

The bike had pretty good power, so if anyone chased me in town, I was unaware of it. Dodging cars and traffic lights at 40mph wasn't that much different than on a bicycle at 15mph. My real problem was when I reached the edge of town, and had no cover. That's when the chase began. He got behind me just as I ran the last light in town, flashing the brights for me to pull over. Instead of the direct route, I decided to go through an industrial park just outside town that would take me to with about a mile or so of a system of canals leading to the next town. I kept making turns, but couldn't shake him. I was gaining speed with each turn, and was now cornering like a flat track racer, but with knobbies on pavement! As I covered the straightaway leading to the canal, he was within feet of my rear tire, flashing the lights and honking the horn. I was betting my life on the fact that a law enforcement officer wouldn't run me over.

I made it to the canal turn off, and took it at full speed. Just barely keeping the bike upright I sped away down the canal. I knew there was another side road where he could catch me if I didn't keep up the pace, so I kept it pinned. About 100 yards past the last road, I tried to make a turn onto the next canal bank, and lost it. I slid out at about 25mph, and landed chest first into a telephone pole. The bike stalled, and all was silent except for the ringing in my ears. I layed there gasping for air for what seemed like an eternity, trying to stay low in case a spotlight was shone my way. After about 15 minutes, I got back on the bike, and started it up. About 1 more mile of canal banks led me to my destination.

When I walked in the front door, everyone was laughing hysterically at me. It turns out the car chasing me all that way was the owner of the bike! He said at first he was just covering my six, but then began to play along as I started to panic. To this day, I still consider that guy an acquaintance, rather than friend.

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