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Time for a shorty

I was out riding last weekend with a friend of mine who I have gotten in more trouble with than I care to discuss, and for legal reasons probably shouldn't on this thread.

We were drinking a bottle of Jack this weekend while riding out in Jo Valley and he reminded me of how wasteful and stupid I can be sometimes.

I used to own a snowboard factory back in the 80's and 90's, and it routinely turned into a place for all of the local Hutnington Beach surf/skate/snow crowd to hang out while bands played. On Friday nights we used to have a few kegs delivered, take the chains off the half pipes, call up a band or two and party until the cops showed up.

One time we did this and a few of my friends showed up with a case of Glenfidich single malt small batch for a gift for my birthday. I didn't want to crack the good stuff open for the crowd that was there and asked one of my employees to stash it for me until I went home.

Things got very out of hand that night, and around 2am, after almost everyone had left, I pulled out an SAR-8 and an AR-15 to do some shooting inside my factory. My friend Hoover and I spent about 10 minutes and 10 or more 30 round clips blowing apart this old refrigerator I had in my factory, along with some other obsoltete pieces of equipment and 20 or 30 snowboards. What a good time that was.

Later, my wife piled my drunk ass into her brand new car that I had just thrown up all over, and I went home. Strangely enough I woke up at about 6:30AM and went back to the factory to start the day. When I arrived I felt a little queezy and decided that I needed "some of the hair of the dog that bit me" to feel a little more lively. So I looked all over the offices for the Single Malt that was put away for me the night before. I couldn't find it anywhere.

When my employee, Jeff, showed up that had stashed it for me, I asked him where it was. He led me out into the factory and pointed across the the floor and said, "It's over there, oooooooooooooooooooh MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE REFRIGERATOR"

Not one single bottle survived.
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