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Originally Posted by ridenm View Post
I think the Japanese have missed the boat by not selling decent dirt bikes that are street legal. AFAIK, the KTM and Husky dealers locally are doing pretty well with their road-going dirt machines. Let's ask NM Trailboss on this one -- he works for a multi-line, multi-shop dealer and would know if street papers help.

The main advantage I see here in the US is that trail mileage is being lost on public lands, and if your bike is street-legal it makes it easier to string together a good trail ride. If KTM brings this Freeride here with road-going papers, I don't think they'll languish in the showrooms.
No question that a street title makes any off road bike more desireable and much easier to sell, especially in the western states. Many people do not want to deal with the restrictions installed in the street legal models (uncorking, etc.) but that is part of the game. The Jap companies have a much harder and more strict time dealing with the EPA on street legal models than do the euro manufacturers, so not likely to see much from the big 4 that is a serious street legal off road machine in the near future (IMO).

I'd love to see the 350 Freeride come to the states and I agree it would have decent success if brought in with street legal papers depending on what KTM decides to price it at.
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