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Ankles are a real PITA to stabilize and heal after such an injury. After a car accident 18 years ago, I needed over twenty hours of reconstructive surgery to plate and screw bones everywhere but my left ankle. That ankle was only badly twisted and sprained.

Go figure. My left ankle remained the size of a grapefruit for a year afterward. All of the "bad" injuries healed up fine, to where I don't notice anything now. It has taken a lot of work to get the left ankle stable enough that I can run without problems. You need to listen to your doc and do all of the therapy. Be patient! You will probably need a compression support sleeve to stabilize the ligaments. Expect to be able to predict the weather.

Even a broken hip later didn't give me near the problems of that damned ankle! The hip is fine now.

Get good boots with solid ankle support! Alpinestars Tech-8's have been great for me. Even with my gimpy left ankle I've walked away from drops where my foot gets turned like that. You will need similar sturdy boots for street riding as well. Believe me, nothing is worse than putting your foot down at a stop, only to notice the "Out to Lunch" sign where you're counting on foot support.

Good luck with the healing!
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