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By the way, the Ford with #642 on the side in those photos is the same truck that is now waiting to board the boat in France and will chase our 3 intrepid riders and carry this crew through the 2012 Dakar. I call the truck "grandpa." It has now done 3 African Dakars, 1 Central Europe Rally (with a top speed run from Lisbon to Budapest), and 2 South American Dakars. I've had all the wheels feet off the ground in the Mauritanian dunes and Robb has had the brakes on fire in the Andes. What could possibly go wrong?
Um, technically it was only the rear brakes that were on fire. The fronts were working fine (if by fine I mean not really at all). It was amusing though, after we got flagged down by another team waving frantically at the flames coming off the rear wheels, we stopped, put the fires out, had a smoke, and carried on. I realized in about 8 seconds that I basically didn't have brakes, but didn't want to alarm anyone. After all, the Andes aren't THAT steep. We finally made it mostly down the hill and stopped at a little restaurant, where we had some lunch, let the brakes cool, then Niles crawled underneath and bled the brakes of the boiled fluid. Unfortunately for him he got a blast in the face. Ouch!
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