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Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
They sell well enough for boutique brands. That is not well enough for Honda, Yam, etc.

The argument I always hear is that people want the performance of a KTM race bike, with the maintenance intervals of an air-cooled jap bike for the price of a 10 year old KLR. Plus 12 inches of travel at both ends and someone 5' 3" should be able to flat foot.

I'll buy part of what your sayin but not all. I think a bike like the freeride with a plate and at say 55-6,000.00 price would probably sell well. Would everyone like it to have a foot of travel, sure but the dimentions on the freeride are practial and ergonomicly correct so it would feel right. look at all the kdx's, its,xr's that have been sold thru the years and this is along those lines, we have to face the fact that ktm upped the anty with the race bikes they sell now which in my mind are the poor mans works bikes! This is also why folks get tired of the upkeep of such a high strung machine, and many of these people would like to have a lower maintainance machine, they need a good trail bike not a racer. This brings us back to the freeride!
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