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I've had two fractures of the left leg. I am now a year and a half since the last and have progressed very well.
Be careful with the swelling. You may think you should be more mobile but swelling interferes with healing so keeping it up above your heart as much as possible. Any increase in pain or severe swelling should be reported to the dr. as it could be complications.

I used to do leg lifts every morning and night while laying in bed, good for the abs as well.

Pain is not your friend so when you do start physio do not push to pain. Good physio is hard to find I would look for someone who does a lot of orthopaedic work especially if they have rights in a gym and pool. A lot of good exercises can be done in the pool that you wouldn't be able to do on the ground.

The biggest trick is to get flexibility back, to that end I have found doing Tai Chi extremely beneficial.

When you get a walking cast you begin applying different percentages of weight bearing. Until you are able to do 70% or so then you toss the crutches and use a cane for several weeks.

Just listen to your body and progress as it lets you progress and you will be fine.

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