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Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
here's some FD dissassembly picts for you.
Thanks, thats a great post with some very helpful photos.

And let me take the opportunity to post myself a note here- my shed is too chaotic for such a thing not to get lost.

Remember- Final drive has no oil in it!!

Originally Posted by Sibbo View Post
Does the boat engine have a valve lifter?
No to the valve lifter.
I took the opportunity to buy a new big battery for my 4x4. The old one is still good enough but it is on the way out. Today I took this new 720CCA battery out to the boat (through the gale and the pouring rain). Sure enough, with this different maggy the timing was now out.
I broke a couple of prized tools getting that stupid little slotted screw loose and finnaly managed to adjust the timing. I couldn't adjust it by when the points open (impossible to see when the maggy is installed- which is how it needs to be done), but rather just had to do it off the fly-wheel whose timing marks I figured out, and from when the plug would spark- and then just shift it forward and back a little to find the sweetest spot.
With a bit of starting spray it starts and runs now. It is not perfect, and it has it's issues, but it is running and the next owner can figure it out. I'm done with that bloody engine
Tomorrow the wardrobe of sails and other extra's clogging my shed will be organised and photographed, and after one more trip out to the boat next week to take some photos and do another coat of paint it should be ready for ebay.
Can't wait.

Now, back to the G/S.
I borrowed my partners fathers little old dremel to help me do the close fitting of the subframe reinforcements so that I have a better chance of Tig'ing them successfully.
Yesterday afternoon I gave it a spin. Everything going great, just some gentle delicate sanding, until 30 minutes in the dremel makes a noise and spits a chunk of black stuff at my face out of one of the air vents and then looses power and sounds like it is only firing on one cylinder (if it had cylinders).
Dammit, I hate borrowing tools.
Pulled it apart and investigated- it seems a chunk fractured off one of the brushes and on its way out tore some little copper wires on the armature.
Double dammit.
I really am trying to avoid buying a new tool every time I have a need- but now I have to fix this one or buy another to replace it.

I still haven't put in my motobins order.
I need to be told off- I'm having very real and very dangerous temptations to get a siebenrock 1000cc power up kit.
I do not need this. Tell me I do not need this, please

other than that, as I posted in the airheads piccy thread, I had a good ride last weekend. Around 1000kms of some of Victoria's best on the 90/6. Met up with the fellas from boxerworks. No I didn't stop to take any pics, just a couple when I got there.

and this inspirational picture from the wall inside the Hotel
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