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Originally Posted by Rucksta View Post
You need a Seibenrock 1000cc power up kit
Thanks, I think. Are you still running the 1000cc kit? I've been reading a bunch of threads about these power up kits and have noted your strong advocacy, and have also come across your posts leading you towards the 1070cc kit.
I definitely don't want the 1070cc kit (?yet) but the 1000cc one sounds right up my alley and although expensive, isn't completely ridiculous.
Was it really as plug and play as it sounds? Any carby adjustments?
How has longevity been and how much more life do you expect?
With the higher compression have you had any pinging with poor fuel? (I just searched and see you are twin plugged, did you do this before or after the power-up kit?)

There is a strong likelihood that I will be riding this bike at least a small way round the world, up into SE Asia to start with and then who knows where after that (depends on a lot of undermined factors right now). Thus, I am a little concerned about raising the compression for the poorer fuels I might encounter.

A bit more power would be really nice at times, especially when loaded down and/or two-up- essentially though I want maximum torque and midrange, whatever efficiency I can get, and reasonable reliability. A decent compromise is of course OK.
Any real potential after 6000rpm is mostly wasted on me, especially if it is costing me between 2500-4000rpm.
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