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Originally Posted by Lornce View Post
An R80 has more than enough power to negotiate anything you're likely to encounter travelling the world.
I totally agree with this and really the 1000cc kit would be more of a want than anything needed. However a lot of this trip might be two-up with luggage, and even though I think the R80 would do fine, particularly through the slower roads in the developing world where I will spend most of my time, it would no doubt feel a lot nicer with that bit extra. I don't mind riding a heavy bike, but I am not overly excited about riding a heavy sluggish bike.
Range? I'd like to hear how greatly the 1000cc kit affects fuel efficiency. Range per se I am not particularly worried about as I've got 45 liters fuel capacity in my Sauer tank, and anything where more would be expected will just have me temporarily strapping on extra plastic fuel bottles.
As I understood it the siebenrock 1000cc kit is a bit more efficient at converting fuel to power- which if that extra power is used enough would translate to a higher fuel use per KM, but I would not always be using the extra power.
For my use I'd be hoping for a reasonable and probably variable (10-20%) increase in fuel consumption, but if I am being unrealistic I am open for education.
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