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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler View Post
A buddy of mine gets consistently better gas mileage on a GSPD with a 9.5:1 1000cc engine. The taller final drive and higher compression make quite a difference.
Gears and compression are the road to efficiency, for sure.

When stock with low factory compression my 1000cc GSPD got anywhere from 13-16km/liter. With 1050cc pistons, modded '77 S heads running higher compression (12:1 estimated and making much more power and torque) it netted 20km/liter pretty consistently.

Don't know how it'd run on Nepal's gas, though.

I've been riding airheads since '83 and know them fairly well. If I left today for a round the world adventure... I'd take my KLR.

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