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Originally Posted by Tsotsie View Post
There are a plethora of advice columns and websites for the KLR - filled with mostly either bad, regurgitated or opportunistic advice. Many of the experts have a history of failed projects and farkeling.

Take all advice, including this, with a pinch of salt!

Originally Posted by XDragRacer View Post
From this comment, sounds now to me like someone may be a defensive, judgmental, perhaps egotistical person.

Here's hoping the purported KLR thread avoids the evangelical dogmatism of the KLR forums mentioned, with self-styled guru authorities dictating the "one true way" to address all issues.

Cynicism and sarcasm aside, no reason not to have a KLR-specific thread, filled (one hopes) with civility and sense.

Why drop into someone's efforts to build a comprehensive KLR thread, like is done with the XRL, DR's, etc and bash and belittle the effort and the people?

My experiences with those other forums, and here, is they are full of good advice and people who are helpful unless you're an .

Now back to the bike. As to the forks, you don't have to completely disassemble them to clean them. I've found that if the oil is really contaminated, you can fill them with paint thinner or mineral spirits and pump them up a few times, and flush them out. Then fill them back again and let it sit overnight, then completely drain them. Refill with ATF, which is cheap and the same chemically as fork oil, rinse them out so you get rid of the mineral spirits or whatever you choose. Then refill with the fork oil of your choice, or stay with ATF, which works just fine at a fraction of the cost. After all it IS a KLR.
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