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Very interesting thread he has going, but I also would like this to be a bit more friendly, not so clinical. Nothing wrong with opinions etc as long as the mud doesn't start flying...IMHO.
I have edited all my previous posts in hopes we can get this thread back on track, I'm hoping everyone else who didn't have anything positive to say will do the same.
Well enough for that BS...
I also wanted to get more people talking KLRs tthan what is already over at the other sites. There is nothing wrong with getting other people's positive thoughts on the KLR from any site. Maybe some have had issues elsewhere and have landed here, I don't care...please join in. I'm not here to judge your personal beliefs or personal issues at other sites.
I could have started this thread using another name and it wouldn't have mattered...sooner or later mud will always does.

So, lets try this again....can we.....or are we the only bike on the site that can't seem to get anything positiive going? We are better than that aren't we?

I again will edit this if everyone will do the same....and we can stay on topic.
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