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Originally Posted by willys View Post
Yes you can lower the bike by using lowering links, Eagle Mike has them on his website over at .net, great guy to deal with too.
Plus you can always dish your seat if you still need a few more inches to feel comfortable. If this is your first bike, best to make sure you are comfortable when coming to a stop at the lights etc. the dished Corbin can be had cheap also from time to time secondhand that is. Many people buy them while getting used to the KLR and when confident switch it out for the flat style seat. But you can easily dish the stock seat and add stiffer foam to stop you from bottoming out the foam when sitting on it. The stiffest carpet foam works well for this. I have made a few seats for myself using the carpet foam and once happy with the shape I cover the foam with that material upolsterers use before adding the final fabric(can't remeber what it's called. It just smooths out the look for a better looking finished product.
Hope that helps....oh ....if you can tippy toe the bike as it is now, either one or both will make it work for sure!
Not my first bike(but I failed to mention) so thanks for the tips.I am looking to take my Honda CB900f out of commuter duty and replace it with a dual sport that can handle highway/fireroad duties.It's just that DS bikes are taller than what I am used to.
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