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thanks to the gas station attendant, we were able to skip 6 miles of pavement and on to this road. and just like any goooood riders, the boys are in staggered position.

picking the cleanest line

aaaah....a go pro, need to see what you got there adam.

my brand new montana kept on dying on me. turned out the rugged mount by garmin is POS, the contacts from external power keep on missing. touratech needs to come up with a solution. if you have one, turn off the power saver when you're riding. don't worry, the rechargeable battery is good for 16 hours when fully charged (according to garmin).


whale foreskin suit looks great on eric

adam has little issue gettting the lighter bike unstuck

a little practice for next weeks ride to vegas

sorry gerd for the poor focus

we all made to hoffman road
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