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Originally Posted by tuffstuff View Post
Yes I am glad we did not ride 2-up on the 200 now that I know how rough that road was. As for the mistake, we had figured out the number by the first clue but believe it or not there are two roads named 629 around here. One is County Road 629 and the other is State Route 629. We found State Route 629 and I couldn't figure out any of the other clues in the first post except for the number so we road up and down State Route 629 a bunch of times feeling very silly ... I am sure the residents were suspicious. :)

Was that St rd 629 also known as Welsh Run Rd in Greene? I also road all the way up and down that road, even placed the NWVA tag on it because I ran out of free time and had to put it somewhere, and bwalsh was not too happy that I had put their tag "out of bounds"

I think there's another 629 out in Orange near Orange lake, and I really thoight it was that one based on the possibility of the "used to cost admission" clue, thought the lake might fit that description. I guess not.

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