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Bumping an old thread rather than starting a new one.

Lets say I decide to install a higher 5th gear in the box from my early (feb) 1981 G/S:
without going full rebuild (the box works well) what are the other easy to do things that I might as well do 'while I'm in there'?
Full gasket and seal kit I am guessing?
The updated shift kit thing? In the small amount of riding I did on this bike before I started pulling it apart I did hit a fair few false neutrals- however the whole shift linkage is completely loose and worn out and I am pretty sure this was contributing.
The metal K roller thing?
What about bearings, anything I might as well do that is not too hard?

I've never opened one of these boxes before and the closest relevant experience I have is doing a full rebuild (all bearings, seals, gaskets and full internal gear and shaft swap) on a 40 series landcruiser ('split')transfer case.
I don't want to go too deep into the G/S gearbox but I would want to do what I 'might as well' do.
I can probably get access to a press, and buy a puller or two, but I'd like to avoid complex shimming and preload type details if I can. However this bike will probably do a bit of international riding so I need to consider doing the best job I can on it.

If it has any relevance I am currently putting together a big motobins order and am dangerously considering the siebenrock 1000cc power-up kit in combo with the higher 5th gear. All these parts would be purchased from motobins stock.

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