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There was some building work happening at the hotel where we were staying. Iím sure this type of scaffold is the norm in a lot of places but coming from a highly regulated country like Australia it seemed very primitive to me.
It obviously works alright though.

Actually, in many ways visiting Bhutan seemed like stepping back 50 years or more in time. There was quite a mix of modern and not so modern buildings and just the way the Bhutanese went about some things seemed very old school.
I guess this is what provided the charm and intrigue of the place.
It is only quite recently that Bhutan has allowed tourists into the country and as it becomes more popular to tourists, and there is no doubt that it will, it will lose some of what makes it so interesting. With the tourists will come the money which they will use to fix the roads and buy modern machinery to do the jobs that are now done the way we would have done them in the middle of last century.
Tourism is now their second largest export. The largest is Hydro electricity which is sold to India. Tourism is tightly regulated and you have to travel with a local tour operator. A levy of approx 200 US dollars per day applies to all tourists, except Indians, and is paid as part of the tour cost. So they are looking for quality rather than quantity of tourists. I think we may have been proof of the failure of that policy.
Less words and more pictures you say. OK

We wandered around town and found a modern looking hospital.

These things are prayer wheels

They are full of paper with chants written on them.
People spin them as they walk past. They are only spun clockwise as that is the way that the chants are written on them. Prayer wheels come in all sizes from tiny hand held ones up to large ones that you walk around as you spin them.

A view of the town

Some of the locals.

A game of soccer was going on while cows were grazing on the pitch.

The towns are full of all sorts of animals, especially dogs, and thereís plenty of live stock on the roads too, mainly cows.
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