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I wouldn't install the steel roller, supposedly there's a possible problem with that mod, but don't recall specifics. The stock rollers hold up well, so don't bother.

The shift mechanism is a good idea and easily swapped. Your bike is right around the time a lot of those things were changed - are you sure yours doesn't already have it?

Besides the false neutrals, how does your shift? If clunky, it should be shimmed anyway. And if you replace the large front output shaft bearing you should, at least, check the shimming. And if you're planning on taking the bike on tour to rougher roads far from home, I'd recommend replacing that bearing while in there, if nothing else. Since I can fix my own, I don't worry about the bearings and re-use them if they look and feel good. But that bearing is most likely responsible for most tranny rebuilds, so to be safe, replace it while you're in there.

Have you read anything about working on these tranny's? There are a few sites that go into detail, and I'd recommend it.
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