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After a quiet night in Mongar we woke to a dry morning feeling somewhat better than the previous morning.
We saddled up for a day on the road that would see us travel along the spectacular Namling Cliffs and over the highest motorable pass in the country to finish up in Bumthang.

We had seen a few of these along the way. It is a common way for farmers and their families to get around.

Some more fantastic roads in varying states of repair. Remember this is the main highway that crosses the country.

The Namling Cliffs. Not a sheer drop but pretty close to it.

Just to the right of the above photo a bus full of monks fell off the road a few years back. They recovered the bodies, but I donít think they bothered to recover the bus.
Itís easy to see how accidents happen here. The road is mostly wide enough for 2 vehicles, but they tend to drive in the middle and when approaching a corner (every couple of hundred metres) you sound your horn to alert oncoming traffic of your presence. This worked OK most of the time but there were still plenty of times when you would be half way around a bend and there would be a truck or bus using up all of the road. Good to test the reflexes, not so good for the heart. There wasnít a great deal of railing or barrier to stop you from taking the plunge in some places either.

Just goofing around waiting for the others to catch up.

More road works

Unfortunately we arrived here just after they started digging so we were in for a bit of a wait
The 2 rocks on the road are apparently the equivalent of a road closed sign.

Their trucks continued to impress me.

As the roadworks progressed we all stood around offering plenty of advice in English which none of them understood. During our time in Bhutan we had managed to learn one word in Bhutanese and of course it was their word for F@#k. This came in handy because the pipe they were lowering into the trench slipped and nearly knocked a couple of guys over the edge, so of course we all shout out the only local word we know, which caused considerable laughter among the locals.

They shovelled all this out by hand and pushed it into the trench with the backhoe, and we were mobile again.

More in a couple of days.
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