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Originally Posted by crestedbutte-rtw View Post
2009 KLR 650
Hi I am starting my rtw and made it to Sayulita (not a bad place to be stuck). I think the guy who sold me the bike sold a lemon to me. But anyways all the way down here it has been drink oil, and today I started the bike fine moved it to the road and packed it up. I started it back up jumped on and made it 1.5 blocks and she just shot off. Only way she will run is if hte choke is full on. I don't know much about fourstroke always a 2 stroke guy. But from my bike drinking oil and the fact that she will only start and run on choke I am guessing need top end?? What do you think? Fletch
I agree, I would take the carb off the bike and give it very good cleaning, look for any dirt anywhere. Take out main, pilot jets, emulsion tube, pilot jet screw, everything! Becareful with the rubber diaphram, make sure it has absolutely NO HOLES in it, you can stretch it a bit to make it easier to see a pin hole. If it has one, go to the nearest Hardley store and buy their's It's much cheaper by maybe 50%. Just take yours in and say.....please sell me a new
A new to me trick for cleaning carbs is to use Pinesol cleaner, fill a container with straight Pinesol and submerge the carb and let stand a few hours, then aggitate, let stand overnight and wash clean. Blow out all air/fuel passages with carb cleaner and you will be amazed at how new it looks!
I would also change out your spark plug.
Have you checked your valves yet? They may be some of your problem too? When checking the valves you can also take a good look at the cam bearing surfaces. If you have major issues, I would be fixing or replacing them before relying on your bike to carry you breakdown in a civiliozed location rather than a Columbian drug field!

As for the oil drinking, a 685 kit is the cheapest way to solve that problem. it is an easy fix if you have access to a garage and some tools, a straight exchange is possible.
.Let us know what you find and how it's going. We're here to help....
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