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Originally Posted by disston View Post
If you are going to do this yourself there are a # of tools needed…
Thanks Charlie, a very helpful post.
I guess this was the crux of what I getting at- wondering about going in there to change the 5th gear and while I'm there grabbing any other 'low hanging fruit'.

I've just read through largiader's, most of Duane's and all of Joergs pages on gearbox's and rebuilds.
Joergs was particularly helpful to me.

I suppose if I was going to do it, I'd just do it right and replace all the bearings (possibly excepting the input shaft bearing).
I've just made a phone call and have determined that if I want to I can borrow most (all?) of those specific tools required for rebuilding the box (the flange puller, the measuring plate, etc) that a friend and parts supplier has had for a while but doesn't really use (he outsources rebuilding of his gearboxes)
I can probably access a press if required and would try to track down an appropriate depth gauge to borrow.
Ie I would probably not have to buy or make any tools.

About bearings and stuff, yes, I would be sourcing all this from Motobins.

Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
Looks like that speedo needs some help!
I've fixed the speedo already,
came to me like this, wet, rusted, seized and stripped...

and now, with a few parts from a donor R65 speedo and some bloody minded persistence and ingenuity repairing the other bits, it looks like this and is working perfectly (so far)

That's not to try to discourage you, just be aware these things aren't a walk in the park. Getting the tools is only the first hurdle
Thanks, I do appreciate the advice and the warnings. After reading through Joergs pages quite closely it all actually seems quite doable to me- not saying I'm confident I would get it right, just saying that nothing in the process scares me too much and I'd be willing to give it a go- especially as I could borrow those few specialty tools.
I very much enjoyed completely rebuilding my 4x4 transfer case. At first it was a bit overwhelming, but after a while I really got into it and enjoyed it like a big complicated metal jigsaw puzzle. Dealing with these sorts of things I really like and have a slightly better apptitude for compared to say anything auto electric

Will I do it? Eventually yes. I want to be able to deal with gearbox rebuilding myself WHEN it is required (as I plan on keeping an airhead for a long time, and I am not all that kind to my gearboxes).
Will I do it now for this purpose?... I'm not sure.
For starters I'm going to do up a pricing list for all the bits and bobs required and have a bit more of a think about it all.

Reading Duanes page on gearboxes has gotten me inspired to bench test my two spare gearboxes to see how they feel.
Anyway, thanks again,

P.S. No doubt I'd be doing a fair bit of this kind of thing during a gearbox rebuild- my projects tend to invade my life a little like that and the coffee table is where I get some of my best garage work done

and as I previewed this post I missed another one,

Originally Posted by davorallyfan View Post

The longer 5th and the 1000 kit - perfect match for the G/S.

You don't need it but you want it

Once you got it, you would not have it any other way.
arrghh.. between you and Rucksta I am going to get into some serious trouble.
Do you have the 1000cc and the longer 5th? Tell me more?
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