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fired stator...

Add me to the list.... Mine died without warning. I was lucky though as I rode home yesterday and it must of gone on the way home as the battery was dead flat this morning. I jump started the bike using a car battery, I then checked and my battery voltage was not changing with rpm, or when the bike turned off... it sat flat around 12v DC. Then checked the stator wires and the best I could get out of two pairs was 13v AC.

So I removed the stator and reg/rec then posted them to a local specialist. I should have them back in a week. What I was surprised about was the difference colour / condition of the rods on the stator. The ones closest to the front of the motor / exhaust were in very bad condition, the insulation looked burnt and melted. The rods away from the exhaust looked like new.

To reduce the issue initially I'll wrap my headers in heat tape, but long term will pick up an after market set with no cat converter on have them ceramic coated.

This is my first and last BMW for me, I'll never buy one again. Given I've got over 80,000km my re-sale value is shot so I'll keep it and just replace parts with none BMW parts as they break and fail.....
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