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Subscribed. Some of you clowns unknowingly convinced me I needed a KLR a year and a half ago when I decided to return to riding. So I bought this hideous, dented, scratched, 1989 tractor-on-2-wheels for $1200. In the first 5 minutes I thought I'd bought too much bike and those naysayers were right ("If you buy a 650 as your first bike you will DIE!"). An hour later and I was madly in love. Farkles naturally followed. This is how it looks today but I plan on painting it this winter as even I have come to admit it's stuck in the 1980s with this paint scheme:

I'm not sure I have 2 grand in this donkey and can't conceive of ever wanting to sell it. Suits my riding style perfectly (slow and steady) and has been completely reliable. It does have some 'character' as others have noted:
1) The seat sucks
2) Brakes are 'meh'
3) Good golly, she really should stay away from the dessert buffet. She's a bit portly
4) Dammit! I tried shifting into 6th gear AGAIN!

To the last issue, I've come up with a mental reminder of how not to make that shift attempt into the invisible gear. "4-60" or 4 thousand revs at 60 mph. If I'm anywhere around that, well, there's your top gear.
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