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Originally Posted by willys View Post
I found that my oil choice also made me get false nutrals and whether or not the temps in the engine were high.
I don't want this thread to get into an oil thread chest beating thread use whatever oil you think is best for YOU!...I use Amesoil 10-40 full synthetic strictly, unless breaking in my engine, then I use simple dyno oil. It works for me.

Again, please don't start the oil arguement...thanks....just state what you use and move on if you will.

Thanks and hope this helps.
The PO of my bike was using Royal Purple 10-40, which made shifting very rough. I switched to Bel-Ray 10-40 semi-synthetic, which smoothed things out a lot. I think I will try a full synthetic again - likely Mobil 1 - if I head to James Bay next summer. I'd have a little more confidence extending a drain interval if needed.
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