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Originally Posted by Mr. BigWheel View Post

The bike sits in the shop, battered and worn from the season's beating.

1.) The rebuilt exhaust has been recrushed

2.) Before the pipe got recrushed, it melted the clutch line

3.) Before that, both brakes failed

Otherwise, it was fairly reliable for the season. It's the same bike. It just has better graphics.

Hollywood should be working on it now but he's off riding his snowmachine instead.


Mr. BigWheel
Well, that are things you know that can happen when you ride a bike in an enduro way, jaja!

Lets wait for my DT, jeje!

I hope you can have lots of fun with your BWs Oly..
I would recommend you to buy or at least download a service manual and a parts manual so as to know more about your bike and the things it needs, and to know how everything is assembled and also how to disarm every part of the bike..

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