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This is the highest bit of road in the country.

Just under 4000 metres above sea level.

This is one of those times when it seemed like we were stepping back a few years. There were several of these asphalt plants along the way.
The fire on the left is amongst the drums of bitumen to heat it up ready for use. The hotmix is layed and spread by hand.

A group ADV salute.

Some local architecture.

A roundabout.

The Swiss Guest House. Our accommodation for the night in Bumthang.

By now we had educated our guide well enough to phone ahead to ensure a plentiful supply of cold beer.
This plan worked so were pleased to be able to settle in to one or two coldies.

It was a bit chilly that night so I stoked up the fire in the room.
Iím not so sure about the wisdom of a wood fire in a completely wooden room with no hearth of any sort though.

The next morning I got up earlier than the rest so I went off for a bit of a walk. I found that I was having trouble walking up hills without puffing and panting like an old man and thought that all the good living was taking itís toll on me. Then after a while I realised it was the altitude having an effect on me. I hadnít noticed any effects until now, but this was the first time I had done anything that resembled exercise.

After breakfast we went to the servo for some fuel. This is the fire control system. Buckets of sand! In the corner of the yard there was an enclosure painted red with ďfireĒ painted on it. An inspection revealed it to be full of sand as well.
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