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Thanks for the info guys! Sweet setup.

Originally Posted by BMWRSNUT View Post
Baja Designs 8" race light. I really like mine.

The standard race light is a single filament or HID light - no high/ low function - but is adjustable on the fly unsing the knob on the top. Quick detach using pegs into receivers, and an e-clip at the base. The receivers jubliee clip to the fork legs. The receivers length is 15.5mm, compared to 15.0mm open fork leg space (between the triple clamps). Either put a 5mm spacer under the bottom bearing, or have slot machined in the receivers. Sounds complicated, but is fairly easy in practice

I've got a Boatman H4 conversion in mine so I could run a Hella insert with a standard H4 bulb, in order to meet NZ legal requirements, which requires a headlight that dips to the left. Some of the reasons I went with this light set up include that:

1. The (toughened glass) Hella insert is cheap to replace if I catch a random stone. Compare that to the stock bosch item;
2. It has a pilot slot, so I can run a 20w halogen 'pilot light' - which I use as a day running light, rather than the headlight
3. The headlight bucket gives better protection for the assembly that the comparable Trailtech competitor
4. The bucket has given me room to hide some electrics, & is big enough to allow heat to dissipate from the reflector (running a 90/130w)
5. The design seemed more rbust than the stock /7 light. Crash with those & you are up for at least a chrome bezel
6. Cost. Whilst the race light seems initially expensive, stock /7 parts would be dearer over here, if available
7. Looks to fit well with the HPN tank IMHO

We both have vapour speedometers, but with different mount solutions.

Sorry Airhead Wrangler if I stole your thunder...

I've pulled my photos of my 48mm USD fork conversion in order to keep from offending Beemeboff's (senior) sensibilities..
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