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Originally Posted by tex_downey View Post
Id say trust it. I know its no fun to hear. but hey this was a few months ago anything new?
The only thing I've done lately is checked the computer for codes - but no help there.

I've been super swamped with work, and I'm deploying in less than a month, so this will probably sit for a long time unless someone wants to take the reigns.

Thinking about it recently though, I think the rings are the culprit. I put it all back together already, but I think I need to pull it all back apart. The rings are basically fused in place - not loose as they should be. I was going to pull them off, but I couldn't even do that. They slid back into the cylinder with no compression at all. I don't know what I was thinking earlier - I should have looked into that more, but I guess I'm a moron, so I'll deal with it later.

New rings, and gaskets, and I think that'll do the trick.
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