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Originally Posted by outsidein View Post
The regular version of the boot sold in North America has a breathable waterproof liner (Gortex knockoff) and is identical otherwise to the GoreTex version.
That's not quite true. The Euro version uses Leather, rather than Lorica.

While I agree that it isn't worth the extra money to buy the NA GoreTex version because of the cost ($600+), the people who have imported the Euro version are now getting it for little to no premium over the US version. I am totally happy with my US version. But if I was going to buy again today, I would import the Euro version if it was only going to cost $50-75 more. Enough people have done it now, problem free, that I think importing them is becoming a known quantity.

Not sure who is actually paying the $600+ for the US GoreTex version.
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